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Press Release: Dee Gragg song


PRESS RELEASE from Janet Sailor describing Dee Gragg's "Crop Circle Song" music video:

June 28, 2009

Contact: Dee Gragg, 575-437-5419,


Diatonic “Crop Circle Song” music video released Unique music comprised of only notes decoded from crop circles

Submitted by Janet Sailor

Music from the stars? Coded messages from ET? As Dee Gragg admits on his just-released “Crop Circle Song” music video, he doesn’t know! “Who made those crop circles?” he asks, then suggests various culprits, including the CIA and Prince Charles. While careful attention to the “Crop Circle Song” melody and the beautiful crop circle images in his music video leaves the question unanswered, the song nevertheless stimulates interest in the phenomena.

Gragg has a long-running interest in crop circles, their origins and their meanings. He is the official New Mexico crop circle liaison, and is a member of the International Crop Circle Researchers Association. He admits it’s a relatively easy position. “To date, we do not have any confirmed crop circles in New Mexico,” he said. Gragg is also a certified UFO Field Investigator with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Continuing and expanding on the work of the late Dr. Gerald Hawkins, who theorized crop circle geometrics reveal a strong correspondence to the white keys on a piano keyboard, Gragg has produced a musical piece using all the musical notes decoded from crop circles. The resulting music video, with lyrics and voice-over message written by Gragg, vocals by his wife Nancy Sue Gragg and photos by Australia’s Brett Parrott, offers an intriguing insight into possible messages imparted in crop circles.

Gragg is a retired mechanical engineer whose career was devoted to research, testing and evaluation in the aeronautics industry. He makes his home in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and currently teaches classes about crop circles, UFOs, ETs and abductions at New Mexico State University. Gragg has published 33 technical papers, is a popular lecturer and participant at UFO conferences, and has developed a significant following among students of paranormal phenomena.

Gragg’s website,, includes a delightful mix of his writings, his experiences and his unique humor. The “Crop Circle Song” music video can be accessed at

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