Angel Fire 2009
 Paranormal Symposium


The Jerry Pippin Show broadcast from the mezzanine area at the top of the main stairs next to the Lazy Lizard Lounge at the Angel Fire Resort and from his booth at the Community Center during the three-day symposium.
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The 2009 Paranormal Symposium at Angel Fire- September 11 -13, 2009 Jerry talks with founder of the sponsoring organization, ASPE, about this year's Paranormal Conference. Janet runs down with Jerry many of the speakers for the symposium and talks about the associated events plus details of UFO Crash Evidence outside of town discovered last year (see photos below) and other paranormal events including Big Foot sightings.  MP3 Running time: 52 min, 25 sec
Windows Media Version, Part 1 - Windows Media Version, Part 2

2009 Paranormal Symposium

11 - 13, 2009
Angel Fire,
New Mexico

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EAT AND MEET: (Friday Night at 6:00 p.m. September 11, 2009) You've seen them on TV. You've read their books. You've followed their investigations in the news, at conferences, on radio programs and the Internet. At the 2009 Paranormal Symposium's Eat and Meet dinner, you'll be able to spend up-close-and-personal time with the event's headline speakers and practitioners in a relaxed atmosphere where you'll have the opportunity to ask them questions and discuss their research, activities and experiences.
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Photos of possible landing site (about a mile and a half north of Angel Fire) currently being investigated by MUFON.  (Photos and sketch by Janet Sailor)

Three of the four rings discussed in the interview above, and skull of dead animal.

From Janet Sailor (11:00 p.m. August 4, 2009) "My personal eye-opener at the Dulce Conference occurred when a Native-American man surreptitiously showed me about 20 photographs contained in an old, worn photo processing envelope. Shot from several different angles, the pictures showed gruesome images of a grotesque creature. The creature had what looked like an "unfinished" human head, with lumps and hair on it, but without any definite features like eyes or ears, as well as appendages which looked like human arm stumps and small slender legs like those of a baby deer. What looked like a long black "tail" emerged from a darkened opening centered at the rear of the creature. When I asked the man what he wanted from me, he said, "I just want you to look at these." Well, look I did, and it was creepy. He wouldn't let me take pictures of the images, and he wouldn't stay to show them to Norio or anyone else at the conference. As I said, it was creepy."

Panoramic view of landing site and surroundings

CLICK HERE for Dee Gragg's "Crop Circle Song" video on YouTube. (2 minutes run time)
 Dee "...has produced a musical piece using all the musical notes decoded from crop circles. The resulting music video, with lyrics and voice-over message written by Gragg, vocals by his wife Nancy Sue Gragg and photos by Australia’s Brett Parrott, offers an intriguing insight into possible messages imparted in crop circles."  (from Janet Sailor's Press Release describing the song and its inspiration)
Gragg is also a certified UFO Field Investigator with MUFON.

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