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Another piece of evidence that lends to the idea that there was something to Roswell and it was not a weather balloon has surfaced. Famed Life Magazine photographer, Allan Grant was flown to New Mexico right after the incident to photograph an unknown crash in the desert. The Army had contacted Life Magazine and arranged his flight to the crash site. Major Charles Phillips was his pilot and liaison officer. Landing on a dirt air strip in the flat desert land, the major gave the photographer a pistol and told him to be on the alert for danger. Strangely they never saw anyone or anything and even more strangely, Phillips later became a key investigator for the Air Force on UFOs.
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Official Air Force Explanation on Roswell CLICK HERE for the report that made Peter Jennings refer to Roswell as a Myth. Do you buy it? This story really insults the average person's intelligence.  Jerry Pippin 7-1-09 

Roswell Army Air Hangar 84 where ET bodies and debris were taken

Roswell Revelations
by Jerry Pippin

(07/13/09) - The Jerry Pippin Show and the city of Roswell have quite a relationship. It is now approaching its seventh year officially and as all good love affairs go it is growing in intensity and satisfaction with every passing day. Roswell is a magic word in broadcasting, our Internet shows go through the roof in numbers when we do a show from or even just about Roswell. The reason I figure is a simple one, we have been inundated with Roswell stories for decades, really from the first on the hot July evening with the huge Thunderstorms and the mysterious reports of a crash of a "flying disc."
Then in the early 50s after the 1952 peak of UFO news in major media outlets, radio, TV and newspaper, (UFOs were everywhere that year) it died, the government got hold of the story and clamped it down, then a younger Stanton Friedman met Jesse Marcel in Louisiana in 1974 and it started all over again.

The story percolated over the years as things became known about it and there really is no use repeating it here in this column, you can hear all about it on our Roswell programs at www.jerrypippin.com always available for free on demand and many other places as well. Countless shows have been done about it, so one wonders why we are involved in the production of a new documentary called "Roswell Revelations." The reason is a simple one, the disclosure movement in the UFO field is reaching a peak and evidence and witnesses are beginning to spill their guts before the funeral director enters the picture. Interestingly enough there is a funeral director involved from the beginning as most of us know, by the name of Glen Dennis. I understand Glen is in a retirement facility in Riodosa, South of Roswell and is not available any more for interviews. We were lucky enough to talk to him and Walter Haut before his death. They were intimately involved with the incident as we all know and they founded the UFO Museum which under the direction of Walter's daughter has seen a recent renovation inside and the place looks pretty damn good these days.

There are three new developments and they are all key along with mounting evidence that there is a nuclear element to the entire Roswell Story. After all the Roswell Army Air Force Base was the only base in the country that flew and dropped the Atomic Bomb, twice. The original A Bomb test was done at nearby White Sands, New Mexico. We all have heard the stories from Air Force Personnel and learned that the same thing happened in Russia in connection with UFOs and Nuclear Weapons. It is pretty clear the ETs don't like these weapons and have more than once shown that they can disarm them at will.

The three new developments are evidence that the memory metal from the UFO is in existence and rumor has it that Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, authors and researches of Roswell information, have a piece of it. Secondly there is a witness, an enlisted man who saw part of the space craft in the bomb bay of a B-29 at the Roswell Base being flown somewhere and third there is a high ranking corporate executive with the Skunk Works, the black ops contractor, who says there were ET bodies and back engineering of technology. Don Phillips, an engineer with them for years, recently told George Filer that even though he never saw the ET bodies or the back-engineering work, he knew and worked with people who did, and he is convinced Roswell happened.

George Newling who is still alive in Roswell, was an enlisted man, and he he told Don Burleson, New Mexico State Director of MUFON, that he saw something that looked like part of a "flying disc" with strange markings on it, in a B -29 flying out of Roswell a couple of months or so later.

Then the memory metal story was actually uncovered by Anthony Bragalia who does excellent detective work. Evidently a Fellow by the name of Elroy John Center who was a senior scientist at Battelle Research Group in Columbus, Ohio, for two decades told several people he had been involved in back-engineering things from the Roswell UFO Crash. It is known that the company got a contract from Wright Patterson in 1948 into 1949 to develop an alloy based on the metal that was very light, but very strong, and would go back to its original shape with heat.

So as our "Roswell Revelations" documentary continues in production, we are working closely with the producers, the father - son team that brought you the Fastwalkers HD documentary which won several awards, Robert and Anthony Miles, to do the consummate Roswell documentary and our hopes are to show to the most skeptical not only that Roswell happened but it has led to many amazing UFO developments that are mind boggling to say the least. I personally feel this will be a case where truth is stranger than fiction. We will continue to reveal developments on our UFO podcast web site, www.ufoshoows2go.com

FBI Memo Reveals Roswell Crash Happened
(Wright Patterson AFB) (June 1, 2009
) - Investigative reporter Tony Bragalia has found evidence that not only did the crash happen but a private military contract company back-engineered the memory metal. Wright Patterson has been claimed by many witnesses (and in a verified FBI memo written by agent Percy Wyly) to be the base where the UFO crash evidence was taken.



Battelle Memorial Institute is a successful private lab doing business with the US Government for 7 decades.

Dr. Howard Cross of Battelle Memorial Institute is revealed as a mystery man with no known photos and evidence that he was in contact with top members of the US Air Force and US Navy on UFO issues and even had a UFO sighting himself in 1951 in Columbus, Ohio.

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The Curious Dr. Cross -Memory Metal from Roswell was just one of his claims to fame. 
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