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Roswell 2009 Program #10
rand-logo.jpgLate Breaking news on Roswell shows that the highly respected Rand Group think tank that has had 20 Noble Prize winning scientists on their payroll since World War II has been deeply involved in UFO investigations and research including back-engineering and examination of ET bodies from Roswell. Jerry covers this story has well as interviews Don Ware, retired USAF fighter pilot who has investigated ETS and UFOs for over five decades, Mike Coletta, the UFO Geek, talks to Jerry about his passion, UFO investigations, and movie makers Gene and Wendy Greenlees who have been fascinated with the paranormal and UFOs turning their passion into a motion picture that was filmed in Florida.




                                   Don Ware

MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 1 minute, 7 seconds

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rand-logo.jpgCLICK HERE to read about what we know about the Roswell Crash, Wright Patterson Air Force Base and think tanks like the Rand Corporation which has been doing UFO research for the US Air Force since the 1940s. (Related Link: Barry Goldwater on the Blue Room at Wright Patterson AFB




Mike Coletta




Cricket, Wendy, and Gene Greenlees

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City of Roswell
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Roswell 2009 Program #9
In this program direct from Roswell, Jerry first visits with Mayor Sam LaGrone and Roswell Public Information official, Renee Roach, about how Roswell has been adding flights from Dallas Fort Worth and now beginning on August 25, 2009, a non stop from Los Angeles to Roswell.


Then Cal Gregory is featured. He is a walking encyclopedia of UFO information and attends UFO events around the country and around the world. A wide ranging discussion follows with Gregory giving some very interesting recaps of what happened in Roswell and in the interview it turns out Gregory has just returned from NASA headquarters where he attended an open house and has some interesting views about Mars and the Moon
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes, 56 seconds
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Roswell 2009 Program #8
Dennis Balthaser lays out the history of Roswell's UFO Crash and the events surrounding it in this interview, (Related Links:,,

then Jerry talks with Robert Ridge also a resident of Roswell. Ridge found what he thinks is a rock from another world near the crash scene.
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Story about the Roswell Rock from Roswell Daily Record)

Seth Weiler stopped by to plug a conference slated to be held a stone's throw from NASA's launching pad in Florida later this year.
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And then Don Walton stops by with his unique brand of UFOlogy insisting he has a message from the ETs to Earth People. (Related link:
MP3 Running time: 59 minutes, 34 seconds
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